Madani Said
Senior Advisor and Consultant

Madani Said is currently Managing Partner and Board Member of COCHEPA, a privately-held industrial packaging company based in Casablanca, Morocco.  At COCHEPA, Mr. Said is responsible for export sales -almost exclusively to other African countries - which currently represent 50% of the company’s revenues, up from less than 20% 5 years ago.  He also manages a 300-acre citrus farm in the province of Beni-Mellal, east of Marrakech, which produces 5000 tons per year and is one of the top 20 citrus producers in Morocco.  Mr. Said is a Consultant to various multinational companies interested in entering the Moroccan market.  He helped the Chase Manhattan Bank to develop a debt for export goods program with the Moroccan government.  He also assisted the Makro group design its retailing distribution (“cash and carry”) strategy for the Moroccan market.  Madani Said is Honorary President of the Alumni Association of the Lyceé Descartes of Rabat, from which he graduated in 1971.  Furthermore, he is a co-founder of Paris-based Agency for French Schools Abroad (AEFE) , together with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  He is a current board member of the organization.  In addition, he is a member of Morocco’s Royal Automobile Sports Federation. 

Mr. Said is a graduate of the Belgian State Faculté of Agronomic Sciences of Gembloux.  He also obtained a Master's degree in management from the Solvay School of Business.  Moreover, he is a co-founder of Club France-Maroc, which was established to assist the reintegration of Moroccan Graduates of French schools into Morocco. 

He speaks French, English, and Moroccan Arabic fluently.