Jean-Louis Paccanari
Senior Advisor and Consultant

Jean Louis Paccanari is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of various business entities in Morocco.  These include Afric-Chimie & Consultants, a company specializing in chemical and plastic raw materials, and Jaguar-Morocco in the automotive distribution sector.   He is a citizen of Switzerland but has spent most of his professional career In Morocco where he has financed various infrastructure projects such as the Tangiers Earth Dam, the Oil Terminal in the Mohammedia Port (with Impresit – Fiat and Girola), Morocco’s air traffic control system (with Westinghouse-Northrop Grumman), and the ports of El Ayoun and Dakhla (with Matrap).   

He has held various high level management positions including the leadership of Northrop-Grumman Morocco.  Mr. Paccanari has a solid understanding of international affairs, in part resulting from his extensive activities in Morocco and the region.  Jean-Louis has an MBA in Business Administration from Switzerland’s Lausanne University and a Bachelor of Science from France’s Boudeaux University.

He speaks French, English, Spanish, and Moroccan Arabic fluently.